Value Proposition Canvas

The value proposition canvas is an addition to the Business Model Canvas. The goal of the Value Proposition Canvas is to find out if your product or service meets the customer’s needs.

The Value Proposition Canvas has two main sides :


The left side represents your product or service:

  • Products and services: what you are offering to the customer
  • Gain creators: how your product/service creates customer gains
  • Pain relievers: how your product/service alleviates specific customer pains/issues

The right side represents the customer you want to serve:

  • Customer jobs: these are the functional, social, personal/emotional things your customers are trying to get done in their work or in their life. It could be the tasks they are trying to perform and complete, the problems they are trying to solve, or the needs they are trying to satisfy
  • Customer gains cover required, expected, desired and unexpected gains the customer needs or would appreciate.
  • Customer pains cover undesired outcomes, problems, obstacles, risks (undesired potential outcomes) the customer has to face.

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