REAN Model

The REAN Model was originally developed by Xavier Blanc in 2006 and popularized by Steve Jackson in his book Cult of Analytics: Driving Online Marketing Strategies using Web Analytics (2009).*.

The aim of the REAN model is to coordinate the different digital marketing channels and to set them specific goals. It is also a tool that gives you an overview of what your digital marketing plan lacks. Each of the letters in this marketing acronym has a different goal and they are:

R – Reach: the goal is to grab your prospect’s attention. One of the best ways to achieve this is by letting them know what problems your company can solve.

E – Engage: the goal is to push the prospect closer to your brand so they experience it.

A – Activate: the goal is to ensure that the prospect makes a purchase and subscribes for a service on your website.

N – Nurture: the goal is to ensure that the prospect returns after the transaction and that a relationship is developed with them.

What channel for which goal? And what to communicate?


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