Identifying personas is the first stage of a customer journey. Depending on the goal of the customer journey and whether you want to improve an existing service/product or create a new product for a new category of customers, you will need to use one or more of the following techniques:

For an existing product or service

  1. Gather together the people of your company who are in contact with the customers/clients
  2. Using fake ID cards, ask them to create the personas
  3. To shortlist a maximum of five personas, cluster the newly created personas according to the axis that is most relevant to the customer journey you wish to create.

For a new product or service

If you create a new product/service, you can develop the personas based on the target group you have in mind for the product. Even better, if you have already completed the Value Proposition Canvas, you can base your personas on the validated versions of the canvases.

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