Content plan


A content plan plays a pivotal role in your content strategy. It helps you plan what content needs to be created, by when and for which personas. To do this effectively, you need to factor in the following elements:

  • Target group: B2B clients or B2C customers
  • The channels used to sell the goods or services
  • Your personas
  • Your customers journeys

The following additional elements may be also relevant to your personas:

  • Weather forecast
  • Seasons
  • Budget period for B2B
  • News

Based on the above-mentioned elements, it is therefore important that your content plan determines when certain topics should be published, on which platform, and in response to problems experienced by which personas. It is also useful if the plan highlights what content is worth recycling and featuring on another platform.

With budget and time constraints, it is essential to set priorities and to focus on personas who can bring the best results. One platform might be prioritised over another depending on the type of personas that use it. For example, if you have a young target group, prioritising TikTok or Youtube (above) over an article on your blog makes complete sense.

In order to be relevant, it’s important that you know what the journeys of your customers are so you can approach them with the right messages at the right time

As the content plan is a theoretical exercise, elements of it will need to be measured and tested on a regular basis in order to measure global results.

Last but not least, the content plan doesn’t stop when your customer has made his purchase!

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