e-Commerce expert

Hire me as your e-commerce expert to:

  • Increase revenue from your website and improve customer satisfaction
  • Build an efficient e-commerce/digital team for your website
  • Offer advice, formulate a strategy, be your e-commerce coach/consultant

I have 15 years’ experience of working in the digital world, with eight years specifically in e-commerce on the marketing and technical side, and have obtained a number of specialised degree qualifications. I am equipped to help you make your e-commerce venture a success.

I am available on an hourly or daily basis.

Discover my approach below:

sebastien moreews

What can I do for you?

Launch your e-commerce activity

Boost your e-commerce revenues

Reduce your costs

Improve customer experience

Why me?

Graduated with specialized degrees

8 years experience in e-commerce

Experience of both business and technical elements

Experience working with Dutch, Belgian and French markets

My approach to e-Commerce Strategy

Gather insights

Assessment of e-commerce building blocks

Competitive benchmarking

Analysis of current trends

Identification of opportunities


The 4 building blocks of e-Commerce

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