Digital Strategy

With the arrival of pure players, who are skilled in applying digital techniques in order to provide great customer experience, and a low touch economy which is here to stay, it has never been more important to put a digital strategy into place. Digital Strategy shouldn’t be seen as a hurdle but as a way to improve your company’s performance, customer and employee satisfaction and last but not least to make your company futureproof.

Digital Strateg

What is Digital Strategy?

Digital strategy is about staying relevant to your existing customers/clients and also protecting your profitability.

The arrival of new players, who are skilled in applying digital techniques in order to provide great customer experience, has made life very difficult.

Digital strategy is not just about using Google or Facebook in the marketing mix and AI (artificial intelligence) to manage your warehouse, it’s about evaluating and if necessary, improving your digital building blocks to:

  • Create additional revenues
  • Reduce your costs

In order to achieve these goals, digital strategy should be addressed as quickly as possible from two different perspectives – optimisation and transformation.

  1. Optimisation: an improvement in your current activities


  1. Transformation: the creation of additional activities for your current target group

My approach to digital strategy

Evaluation of core business components

Which components are up to date, and which are not?
Do we need to improve or replace them?

Evaluation of current business activities

Profitability, customer/employee satisfaction, competition


Improve the results of your current busines model


Improve the business model by creating additional activities

I can help you to:

  • Take your company through the different stages of creating a digital strategy
  • Guide the necessary workshops
  • Challenge the workshop results in order to achieve the highest results
  • Monitor your company’s progress once the digital strategy has been defined and help when necessary

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